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Wooden rocking horses have a long-standing tradition and have been made for many years. If you are seeking a wooden rocking horse, we can help you to select the best one for you. You may be looking for wooden rocking horses for sale because you have decided on a present. The craftsmanship of the wooden rocking horse maker extends to full leather tack, comprising saddle, bridle, martingale, reins and strapping. Genuine horsehair is considered essential nowadays, as it is a certain sign of quality. Lovers of carving and fine traditional craftsmanship are in for a treat. Wooden rocking horses for sale UK.

Experts in the production of wooden rocking horses, wooden rocking horse makers are renowned for their quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every wooden rocking horse is lovingly crafted by a team of experts in the UK. The skilled rocking horse carvers use only traditional methods to hand-craft every unique piece to your exact wishes.

Each wooden rocking horse is handmade using the finest quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. Wooden rocking horses are highly collectible items as well as cherished family heirlooms. There are often a number of options available to tailor your horse to your exact wishes.

These excellent wooden rocking horses are only available from the makers and are not available in any shops. Each horse is individually hand carved and finished in the wooden rocking horse workshops. Every aspect is prepared in the wood, leather, hair, paint and metalwork shops, so that quality control s assured. As well as making to commission there may be finished wooden rocking horses in the workshop ready for immediate collection or delivery. We know that buying a new wooden rocking horse is a really big decision, so we will be happy to talk to you and help you choose the right one for you.

This is the maker of fine wooden rocking horses, made in the spirit of a bygone age, but still unique testimonies to twenty-first century craftsmanship. The beauty of the rocking horse begins with the careful selection of quality timber, which is sourced from carefully-managed areas of reforestation where replanting of sustainable timbers is the byword. The hand of the master craftsman then transforms the blocks of wood that comprise each horse by skillful use of mallet and gouge.

Each wooden rocking horse is hand-made and made mostly to order, which permits a high degree of individuality. The customer can choose the colour of hair, stirrups, saddle and tack - even eyes. Your horse is then truly your own.

These wooden rocking horses are made using the best materials and workmanship with patterns taken from Victorian rocking horses restored over the years. Their attractive heads, lively yet gentle faces and high quality finish endear them to children and adults alike. Wooden rocking horses quickly become much loved family heirlooms.

Rocking horse bodies were traditionally made from boards of pine glued together into a hollow box construction. This construction gave the horse an excellent combination of strength, weight and stability. The legs were made from a dense hardwood such as beech, mortise & tenon jointed into the pine body. This gave the horse the strength to withstand the strain of years of lively rocking.