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Old rocking horses have a long-standing tradition and have been made for many years, dating back several centuires. If you are seeking an old rocking horse, we can help you to select the best one for you. You may be looking for old rocking horses for sale because you have decided on a gift. Perhaps it is a gift for yourself. The craftsmanship of the old rocking horse restorer extends to restoring the horse to its pomp. Genuine horsehair is considered essential nowadays, as it is a certain sign of quality, but cow's hair was widely used in days gone by. Lovers of carving and fine traditional craftsmanship are in for a treat. Old rocking horses for sale UK.

Experts in the restoration of old rocking horses, old rocking horse restorers are noted for their quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every old rocking horse is lovingly renovated by a team of experts in the UK. The skilled rocking horse restorers use only traditional methods to refurbish every unique piece.

Each old rocking horse was handmade using the finest quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. Old rocking horses were highly desirable items as well as cherished family heirlooms, but were beyond the pockets of most families until deep into the 20th century.

The lovely old rocking horses mostly display the period charm of the antique traditional dapple grey rocking horse, which was tradtionally the children's favourite. Queen Victoria was the first to fall for the charms of the dapple gre and many other people have followed suit in the ensuing years.

Authentic old rocking horse patterns were are used and the finishing of the restoration is entrusted to a specialist artist who achieves a high grade finish which resembles an antique patina. The old rocking horse may have been positioned on a safety stand or a bow rocker, though the latter are rare and usually very expensive. These excellent old rocking horses may be available from the restorers.  Each horse will typically have been hand carved in one of the old rocking horse workshops, but it would have been rare for the entire horse to have been carved by one individual. Rather, a specialist will generally have been responsible for the most critical area of the work, the head, whereas less experiences carvers will have undertaken the more straightforward work.

As well as making to commission there may be finished old rocking horses in the showroom ready for immediate collection or delivery. We know that buying a new old rocking horse is a really big decision, so we will be happy to guide you and help you choose the right one for you.

Each old rocking horse was made by hand, which gave rise to some individuality.

Rocking horse restorers bring experience and know-how to the craft of renovating your old favourite and offer refurbishment of old, antique and vintage rocking horses thoughout the UK, as well as offering some for sale.